Shelli Goldberg

Author: Team Texas Construction LLC |

Of all the blind choices I have made in my life this one was one of the best. Six years ago I met James from Team Texas when he was working on a neighbor's roof after a huge storm. My roof had been trashed from hail storms and a pesky squirrel that would not find another home. James said he would meet the insurance people (who had already turned me down to replace my roof) and he did. They not only agreed to replace my roof but all other damage that had been done to my house due to the storms. From the time his crews started working on my house until the day they were finished, James was here making sure everything was done correctly.

His crews were professional working inside and outside repairing damage to my home, they finished on time and I have a beautiful roof. James took care of all the paper work and dealt directly with my insurance company. It is such a relief not to have to worry every time it rains fearing water damage. The reason I am writing this now, 6 years later, is, we recently had another hail storm and i had some minor damage to a few places on my roof. After 6 years, I called James. He sent his guy out and repaired the places of concern on my roof, and didn't charge me a dime. Soooo not only did James and Team Texas construction do an amazing job repairing my roof and other hail damage to my home, the warranty on his work and his willingness to just help out is exceptional. I would recommend Team Texas Construction to anyone. You will be so happy when you chose them, just like me!

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